Taking Care of Your Health & Hands during COVID-19

As the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 continues to spread globally, health officials have emphasized regular hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection. Many of us are exercising proper hand washing techniques, such as scrubbing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol.

Especially in winter, frequent hand washing can lead to, or aggravate dry skin issues. This is because soap and water rinses away germs, but it also strips the natural protective oils in your skin. If your skin is irritated, your hands get dry, cracked and raw. Cracks that form on skin can increase your risk of contracting infections and also lead to conditions like eczema.

How do we take care of our hands when we’re frequently washing them to prevent coronavirus? The answer is in preventative measures.

Keep your hands clean and moisturised.

Try to opt for hand soap that is gentle and fragrance-free.

Once you’ve washed your hands for 20 seconds, pat them dry instead of rubbing then. This helps to leave a small amount of dampness. Once your hands are dry, immediately use emu oil, or emu oil-based cream to seal in the moisture.

Emu Spirit is our recommended moisturiser due to its many skin benefits:

– Emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a soothing moisturiser
– Emu oil treats conditions such as dermatitis and eczema
– Emu oil has a similar fatty compound to human skin, meaning it absorbs into the skin faster than other oils and creams
– Emu oil contains oleic acid, which has been found to actually help stimulate skin-cell regeneration
– Emu oil contains Vitamin A, known for its skin repair and antioxidant properties
– Emu oil contains sapogens, used as skin softeners

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Tip: If you suffer from eczema or you’re prone to very dry and cracked skin in the winter, we recommend applying emu oil before going to bed. Apply emu oil to your hands and put on a pair of cotton gloves. Wear them for a few hours before bed, or even overnight. All that downtime helps to hydrate the skin, restore its natural oils and heal your skin.

Easy Immunity Boosters for your Autumn Health Routine

Looking after your health has never been more important. In a time of a global health crisis, and especially as Australia is now well and truly entering into the cooler seasons of Autumn and Winter, it is essential that we need to boost our immunity to protect ourselves and others.

Emu Spirit is a natural immunity booster. How?

Emu oil is packed with Vitamin K2, which is an immune enhancer. It is also a natural source of Omega 3, 6 ,7 & 9 and Vitamins A, D, E and F. These all work together to assist in the maintenance of general wellbeing, as well as strengthening our immune system.

Here are 3 simple ways you can boost your immunity against coronavirus (COVID-19) by incorporating emu oil into your health routine.

1. Emu Spirit Omega 369 Capsules

Simply taking 2-3 capsules of Emu Spirit’s Emu Oil Capsules everyday can assist in the maintenance of general well-being, strengthen your immune system.

Take your capsules after every meal so it’s easy to remember. Alternatively, set yourself reminders throughout your day, such as placing your bottle near your breakfast area, or next to your bedside table.

Tip: You can break your Emu Spirit capsules to squeeze the 100% pure emu oil into an immunity tea. Add honey, ginger, turmeric and lemon juice to flavour.

2. Emu Spirit 100% Pure Oil of Emu Breakfast

Did you know you can ingest emu oil for added protection from the inside out? Add a few drops of Emu Spirit 100% Pure Oil of Emu to your milk and cereal for an immunity boosting breakfast.

You can also add emu oil to salads (mixed into dressing) or sauces to hide the natural flavour.

Tip: If you have signs of a regular cold, placing emu oil around the nose can soothe pain and congestion from frequent nose blowing. Additionally, applying emu oil to the chest, throat or sinuses can give you relief from respiratory allergies.

3. Emu Spirit 100% Pure Oil of Emu Turmeric Tea

What do you get when you combine a powerful anti-inflammatory herb with a powerful anti-inflammatory oil? Turmeric & emu oil tea!

Turmeric has anti-microbial properties that fight nasty bacteria and fungi, and is a great antioxidant. Emu oil is a natural well-being booster that is high in MK-4, the potent form of Vitamin K2 and D3 to provide relief from inflammatory based conditions.

Simply add cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, fresh ginger, ground black pepper and as much turmeric as you can handle to a cup of water. Sweeten with honey. Drink one cup a day.

Note: do not heat up emu oil.