4 Summer Treats with Emu Oil

  • 4 Summer Treats with Emu Oil

    By Emu Spirit | January 23, 2022 | Blog

     4 summer treats with emu oil

    Our taste buds tend to shift in summer weather – opting for salads instead of warm hearty meals and enjoying summer treats more often; from ice cream cones to milkshakes. We may even relax a little on our diets (especially when we’re on holiday), but then face the guilty look in the mirror once summer is over!

    Enjoying summer treats doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure! Just opt for slightly healthier fare; and give each dish an extra health booster with emu oil.

    Here’s 4 ways you can add emu oil to your favourite summer food…

    4 summer treats with emu oil

    Fruit Smoothie

    A simple smoothie is a refreshing, fruity drink that’s perfect for getting your daily dose of vitamin C into the mix too.  The smooth icy texture also helps to hide the consistency of the emu oil.

    – 1 cup of ice
    – 5 cubes of mango
    – 1 spoonful of passionfruit pulp
    – 1 banana
    – 1 spoonful of lemon juice
    – 1 dollop of sorbet or yoghurt
    – 1 spoonful of emu oil

    The great thing about smoothies is they’re super easy to make and there are no rules! You can simply eye ball your portions to suit your personal taste. Blend the ice, sorbet, mango, passionfruit, banana and lemon together until smooth. Add a spoonful of emu oil and mix thoroughly.

    4 summer treats with emu oil

    Morning Cereal

    Start your day right with your favourite cereal of choice. The key is to drizzle in honey for some sweetness, but incorporate the emu oil into the honey to wrap the textures together.

    – 1 cup of cereal
    – 1 handful of blueberries
    – 1 drizzle of honey
    – 1 spoonful of emu oil
    – ½ cup of milk

    There’s no specific method here – just make your cereal your way! We’ve chosen an all-bran for the high fibre content. We like to add some blueberries for a hit of antioxidants, and drizzle honey together with pure emu oil for a hint of sweetness.

    4 summer treats with emu oil

    Granola Bowl

    Whether you’re kick starting your day or craving an afternoon snack, a granola and yoghurt bowl is a healthy alternative for your gut. You’ve got the calcium, protein, vitamins and probiotics covered with the yoghurt – add a dash of pure emu oil for the anti-inflammatory properties.

    – 1 cup of granola
    – 1 cup of yoghurt
    – Half an apple (sliced)
    – 1 spoonful of honey
    – 1 spoonful of emu oil

    Layer your bowl with a cup of granola, and add a dollop of your favourite yoghurt. Add sliced apple for some texture and fibre, and drizzle the bowl with honey and pure emu oil. Stir through to mix the ingredients together.

    4 summer treats with emu oil

    Fresh Garden Salad

    A refreshing light meal or side dish, a salad becomes a staple in summer. Salad dressing is the perfect way to incorporate emu oil into the mix. You can hide the taste within a tangy dressing and enjoy the health benefits with every bite!

    – Lettuce or leafy green salad mix, with tomato, avocado, cucumber and croutons
    – Salad dressing made with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 3 tbsp olive oil and ½ tsp Dijon mustard, with salt and pepper, garlic and touch of honey and lemon juice

    Roughly chop or dice all the vegetables and toss them into a salad bowl. Combine the salad dressing ingredients together in a jar and shake well. Add a few drops of emu oil into the salad dressing and toss lightly in salad bowl.

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