5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

  • 5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    By Emu Spirit | January 25, 2022 | Blog

    5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    We all had big goals in 2020, but much of the motivation had come to a halt as the world was put on hold. The team at Emu Spirit are ever positive, so let’s get motivated to begin the new year with a fresh set of goals – and by the way, none are to do with weight loss!

    Ready to start writing these down? Here’s 5 resolutions to step towards a healthier lifestyle in 2021.

    5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    1. Reduce your stress and improve your mental health

    Our mental wellbeing has really been tested this year. In difficult times, the strength and resilience of the community is what holds us together. However, the overwhelm of the many individual roles and responsibilities we hold in life take a toll on our bodies, and it’s time to reduce stress levels for the sake of our physical health.

    Here are some of our favourite resolutions:

    • I will take 5 minutes every morning for mindfulness meditation before I start my day.
    • I will schedule one Saturday a month that is all free time.
    • I will make time to go to therapy once a week, fortnight or month.
    • I will counter each mental complaint by thinking of something positive.
    • I will take my time to enjoy my meals throughout the day.
    • I will say “no” to activities that I don’t want to do and prioritise myself to avoid feeling burnt out due to obligations.

    5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    2. Improve your fitness levels and sleep better

    We all know the importance of exercise. It strengthens your heart and lung health, improves your circulation, and improves your muscle strength so you have more endurance and energy to tackle your daily chores. Oftentimes, exercise falls to the wayside when we have a million and one things on our to-do lists, but carving time out of your day to exercise can actually help you feel more uplifted and energised to take on your tasks.

    Likewise, we all know the importance of sleep. It gives your body the rest if needs, and it keeps your heart healthy, reduces your stress, reduces your inflammation and can even improve your memory. An extra hour of sleep can do wonders for your day.

    Here are some of our favourite resolutions:

    • I will take a 20 minute walk after work every day (or during lunch).
    • I will exercise for 30 minutes, three times a week, doing an activity I love.
    • I will schedule walking meetings once a week.
    • I will do cardio exercise for 30 minutes, four times a week.
    • I will set an alarm to remind me to go to bed at 10pm every weekday.
    • I will stop using my phone thirty minutes before bed.
    • I will purchase a more supportive pillow and use it every night.
    • I will create a bedtime routine and follow it every night.
    • I will not drink anything with caffeine after 4pm.

    5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    3. Improve healthy eating habits

    Many of us are guilty of falling into bad eating habits. Whether it’s eating irregularly, eating out too much, preparing unbalanced meals or eating too much / too little; it all has an adverse effect on our health. Eating well is fundamental to our wellbeing. A well-balanced diet gives your body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to keep strong and healthy. It can help maintain a healthy body weight, provide you with energy, allow you to sleep better and improve your brain function.

    Here are some of our favourite resolutions:

    • I will eat one fruit and/or vegetable with each meal, aiming for 5 servings a day.
    • I will stop drinking soft drink and sugary juices, opting for water instead.
    • I will plan my dinners for the week on Saturday and shop for them on Sunday.
    • I will bring my lunch to work every day from home and not eat out for lunch more than twice a month.
    • I will only drink one cup of coffee a day.
    • I will drink at least one litre of water every day.
    • I will focus on mindful eating and stop eating when I feel full.
    • I will incorporate emu oil into my diet for an added health booster.

    5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    4. Increase serotonin and mood boosters

    This year has taught us; your happiness should never be taken for granted. Appreciate every moment and do the things you love in life. It’s no surprise – happiness and health are interlinked. Being happy improves your heart health, betters your ability to combat stress, improves your immune system, can help reduce pain and increase life longevity.

    Here are some of our favourite resolutions:

    • I will spend ½ hour a day reading a book I enjoy.
    • I will sign up and attend a weekly class in a subject or hobby I enjoy.
    • I will sign up to volunteer once a month for an organisation that I want to support.
    • I will call a loved one at least once a week.
    • I will make time to enjoy at least one fun family activity a week.

    5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

    5. Don’t sweat the small stuff (but don’t forget them)

    This one’s for all the resolutions that are easily forgotten; but nonetheless all add up together to improve your lifestyle!

    • I will stretch for 5 minutes every morning and every night.
    • I will make and keep regular doctor’s appointments.
    • I will wear sunscreen every day, and emu oil for an extra layer of UV protection.
    • I will floss once a day.
    • I will improve my posture, by using a back cushion or standing desk at work.
    • I will clean out all of the clutter in my home, by scheduling time to tidy at least one room a month.
    • I will only check my social media accounts twice a day.
    • I will try at least one new way to relieve my body pain (e.g. foam roller, massage with Emu Spirit Arthritis & Muscular Rub)

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