Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

  • Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    By Emu Spirit | January 27, 2022 | Blog

    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide     

    It’s officially the start of the silly season! December marks the lead up to Christmas, and hopefully, quality time spent with loved ones. There’s often an unspoken pressure to find “the perfect gift” for your nearest & dearest, and gift shopping can oftentimes be an overwhelming experience.

    The team at Emu Spirit have put together our “Healthy Gift Guide” – here’s our list of ideas to help you to create happy, healthy moments with your family and friends.

    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    An Experience

    Designed to get the endorphins flowing, and for everyone to spend quality time together. An experiential gift is quite a thoughtful present (especially when the receiver can also enjoy your presence). Whether it’s a spa and massage package, a beauty pamper session, or tickets to a show, movie or event – everyone is bound to have a great time and make memories to look back on.

    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    A Wellness Pack

    The idea is simple: grab a box, collect a special assortment of items and assemble your custom curated gift pack to a loved one. Centred around the idea of wellness, it’s all about giving them the chance to take care of themselves, in the comfort of their own home. Ideas can be: a sleeping mask, aromatherapy oils, healthy snacks, bath salts, candles and teas.

    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    A Plant

    The gift that keeps on giving; an indoor plant is not only wonderful to look at, it’s actually good for your health. Aside from the benefits of improved air quality plants can provide, they’re also known for having a calming and stress-relieving effect. Giving a loved one a plant this festive season means you’re giving them a beautiful reminder for better health in the new year.

    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    A Home Cooked Meal

    The way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach, as they say. Instead of buying a gift that rarely gets used, give the gift of a great time with a healthy home cooked meal. Bust out your favourite recipe and enjoy a soul nourishing lunch or dinner together to celebrate the season. If you’re more of a baker than a chef, why not bake some healthy treats instead?

    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    A DIY Gift

    Gifts are really about the thought that goes into them. Why not take this gesture to the next level by DIYing a gift with your heart and your hands? Easy DIY ideas include: a handmade photo calendar with all your favourite memories, homemade bath bombs in a pretty jar, framed artwork, a photo album or photo frame, ornaments and handmade decorations.


    Emu Spirit’s Healthy Gift Guide

    The Ultimate Health Kit

    Last but not least, give the gift of health – inside and out – with Emu Spirit’s Complete Health and Beauty Kit.

    This ultimate health kit features the best sellers of our therapeutic and natural skincare range, beautifully gift boxed to present to a loved one (or to treat yourself!).

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