How the Team use Emu Spirit at Home

  • How the Team use Emu Spirit at Home

    By Emu Spirit | January 24, 2022 | Blog

    How the Team use Emu Spirit at Home

    Like many Australians, the Emu Spirit team have embraced a work from home schedule this year. We asked four of our team to share how they have used their much-loved Emu Spirit products at home, and how it’s helped them during their new lifestyle adjustments.

    Curious about what we’ve gotten up to at home? Read on…

    Andrew – CEO

    How the Team use Emu Spirit at Home

    “I’ve been doing my best to stay consistent with my health habits and keep up a healthy routine at home. In my spare time, I’m usually outdoors working on the garden. It’s been increasingly important to me that I prioritise time for myself, my family and my team. Taking a break and stepping away from the computer has helped me find a healthy work balance. The one thing I’ve been consistent with is taking my Emu Spirit Omega 369 Capsules every single day, as I have been for years. I take 3 capsules a day, and it has made a remarkable difference to my general wellbeing.”


    Michael – Production Manager

    How the Team use Emu Spirit at Home

    “I’ve been keeping busy every day, working hard to meet the demand of our products (ensuring all our orders are going out in a timely fashion to our wonderful customers) whilst also balancing maintaining my health – I’ve actually been making a bigger effort to prioritise my health more than usual. Emu oil has been part of my everyday diet for decades. Recently, I’ve been getting more creative with how I incorporate a spoonful of Pure Oil of Emu into my daily life. I’ve taken a liking to the Overnight Oats recipe! It’s easy, quick and delicious. I prepare it the night before, and enjoy a healthy breakfast every morning. It gives me energy to start the day on a positive note, knowing I’ve done one good thing for my health.”


    Debbie – Customer Sales Executive

    How the Team use Emu Spirit at Home

    “I think I’m adjusting pretty well to the work from home lifestyle. I love being comfortable in my home office and wearing what makes me feel cosy and relaxed while I do my computer work. I admit I don’t have the most ergonomic set up, so lately my arms and hand joints have been feeling more achy than usual. I’ve only used my trusty jar of Emu Spirit Arthritic & Muscular rub for my knees, but I thought I’d give it a go on my elbows and wrists. As I expected, after daily use for about a week, it’s already working wonders on my hands and fingers (and I actually don’t mind the refreshing eucalyptus scent)! The achy feeling has significantly reduced, and I can work at 100% again. I keep my little jar right on my desk as a reminder to apply it at the end of the day.”


    Julie – Social Media Manager

    “I am one of many who got a #pandemicpuppy and we love him to pieces. He experiences seasonal allergies and recently got a bacterial infection on his paws. When we noticed he kept non-stop licking his paws, we took him to the vet and got some antibiotics which seemed to do the job. Unfortunately, one week later, he started licking his paws again. While we couldn’t easily visit the vet, we decided to try applying pure emu oil directly to his paws every night. Lo and behold – after just two nights of application, he’s stopped licking his paws! I love finding yet another way to use my emu oil. My puppy loves the taste too.”

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