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  • SunSmart with Emu Spirit

    By Emu Spirit | January 22, 2022 | Blog

    SunSmart with Emu Spirit  


    Summer has finally arrived and if you’re like us, you may be looking particularly ghoulish after a year of lockdowns. We don’t blame you if you can’t wait to work on that tan. However, the Australian sun is no joke, and due to our unique geographical location and clear atmosphere we are exposed to about 15% more UltraViolet radiation than most other countries! This UV can be lead to sunburns, premature wrinkles and even cancer. Luckily, there are a few proactive and reactive measures you can take to reduce your risk of harm this summer so you can enjoy the weather anxiety free.


    SunSmart with Emu Spirit

    Sun Screen

    Sunscreen is the number one most important tool in your summer sun protection arsenal.  It works by blocking and absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays from being absorbed into the skin. This greatly reduces the risk of sunburn so you can spend longer in the sun. It also comes in a variety of different Sun Protection Factors (SPF) with an SPF50 rating offering slightly more UV protection than a sunscreen with an SPF30 rating.


    SunSmart with Emu Spirit

    Sun Glasses

    We all know that wearing a hat can help keep the sun off your back on those hot summer days, but many of us forget the damage that UV can do to our eyes. Long term exposure to Ultra Violet Rays can cause serious and irreversible eye damage and vision impairment. Because Ultra Violet Rays are invisible it can be difficult to avoid, so it’s in best practice to wear a pair of quality sunglasses when outdoors during the summer months, or when you are near highly reflective surfaces such as on a beach or when boating.


    SunSmart with Emu Spirit

    Sleep In

    You can literally dream of healthy skin and make it a reality by doing so. While sleeping in won’t stop you from getting sun burnt, studies have shown that your skin does most of its repairs at night while you sleep – which can help reverse sun damage and premature wrinkles caused by UV. So go ahead and squeeze in more zzz’s, you deserve it.


    SunSmart with Emu Spirit 

    Emu Oil

    For bonus SunSmart points, Emu Oil is brilliant because it works both as a preventative and reactive sun damage tool. A small amount of Emu Oil can be applied to the skin before your sunscreen or make up, in order to add an extra layer of sun protection. Alternatively, it can be used as an after-sun treatment which can assist in hydrating your skin, relieving sunburn pain and preventing nasty, itchy peeling.




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