Why You Should Use Emu Oil for Massage Therapy

  • Why You Should Use Emu Oil for Massage Therapy

    By Emu Spirit | January 22, 2022 | Blog

    Whether you suffer from rheumatism or osteoarthritis, a chronic sports injury or you’re prone to muscle pain; massage therapy can help to reduce pain and relieve tension. Scheduling a routine massage can help you to ease your muscle aches and manage joint pain, but did you know the type of oil you use in your session plays a part in how effective your massage will be?

    Many massage therapy professionals choose to use pure emu oil in their practice. Why?

    Here are 5 reasons you should switch to using emu oil for your next massage:


    Why you should use emu oil for massage therapy

    Emu oil has been used for hundreds of years as a natural anti-inflammatory medicine for treating burns and skin irritations by the Aborigines of Australia. Now, it has been recognised by health professionals across the world as one of the best massage oils because of its natural healing qualities of Vitamin A, E & Oleic Acid. Emu oil is often used topically for massage as it provides the added benefit of reducing inflammation and pain relief.


    Why you should use emu oil for massage therapy


    Apart from its analgesic qualities, emu oil not only helps with pain relief, it also acts quickly and effectively. This is because emu oil contains fat lipids similar to those found in the top layer of the dermis, allowing it to easily absorb into the skin and penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin’s surface. Emu oil is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, which means it has low skin irritation and doesn’t clog your pores; perfect for anyone with sensitive or highly inflamed skin. As more massage therapy professionals learn about emu oil, it’s popularity in the massage industry increasingly grows.


    Why you should use emu oil for massage therapy


    Not only is emu oil safe for all skin types, research suggests that applying emu oil to the skin may actually help to increase the number of healthy skin cells. Studies have found that emu oil stimulates the skin to rejuvenate aging or sun-damaged skin, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Lastly, emu oil is a powerful moisturiser that penetrates deep into the skin and heals from within.


    Why you should use emu oil for massage therapy


    Because emu oil increases blood supply when applied to ailing areas, it can help increase circulation when used in a massage practice. This then helps to speed up your skin’s healing time for burns, wounds, and irritation. It’s an added bonus you didn’t know you needed for your massage therapy (heal your pain, and heal your skin… all in the same session!)


    Why you should use emu oil for massage therapy 

    If you’re planning to practice massage therapy at home, emu oil may end up being more cost effective for your hip pocket. Another reason why massage therapists and other health professionals consider it one of the best natural healing oils is because it takes so little oil to cover the skin. Pure emu oil may cost a bit more, but you only need a small amount for an inflamed area. When it comes to caring for your health; a little truly goes a long way.


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